Facelift Replacing Sport seats with Super Sport seats...


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Just contemplating taking the plunge and replacing my sport seats with Super Sports...

I've seen a few online but condition is not always perfect. So my question is, are the base sections of the seats interchangeable between sport and Super Sport?

I believe the rears come apart and are identical but any idea on the fronts?

Also, what do I need to check in terms of plugs/connections/wizardry under the front seats?

cheers all.
I think its just the backs that are different, I have read that as I have the same concern, I just cant find where I read it.
Most breakers have ruined bases where they have had things stored on them etc so Id like the backs only, Another option is to get the standard (non wing back) B8 RS4 seats and new s3 / RS3 SS covers, this way you get electric adjustment too, Same seat different leather.