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Replacing Concert 3 with Concert 3 with DAB

rum4mo Aug 12, 2018 at 11:45 PM

  1. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    I know that there is a dedicated ICE section, but I think that I might get more replies to my questions if I post it in this section.
    So, I am considering replacing my Concert 3 AM/FM with a used Concert 3 with DAB, I understand that I will need a DAB aerial pre amp and probably a new aerial lead.
    Has anyone else done this swop on an early 2011 S4 saloon using used correct p/n parts and was component protection removal required for a used Concert 3 of the same age? Also does the new aerial pre amp cover FM and DAB and so can it just replace the AM/FM pre amp in the car, but get used with a new double Fakra cable?
    Thanks in anticipation!
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  3. MarkWizard

    MarkWizard Active Member VCDS Map User


    I'd imagine CP will need removing. What's a Concert 3? Mine just says Concert - is it just the version that was fitted in the B8?

  4. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    Yes, Concert 3 is the Generation 3 offering of Concert, when I began this "mini project" I did not know that as the radio only has Concert on its front face, but after doing a lot of searching around I can confirm that the correct name is Concert 3, there are lots of Concert 3 radios with DAB for sale on ebay but I am only considering a "same for same + DAB" for my swop, other Audis used Concert 3 and seem to have slightly different p/ns - even the manufacturer's p/ns are different - in my case, an early 2011 date of manufacture car Concert 3 is Panasonic CQ-JA1971G so I'm aiming to buy a CQ-JA1973G which is Concert 3 + DAB.

    If anyone out there has done this swop, can they confirm my thoughts that I just need to replace the AM/FM aerial preamp with a DAB aerial preamp which is also an AM/FM + DAB aerial preamp?

    Also, new lead, I can't find anywhere that is selling a long AM/FM + DAB lead for an Audi A4.

    After reading the postings in the ICE section I can see that component protection will need to be removed, which will probably mean a visit to my Audi main dealer, though I hear that they do not encourage this sort of thing as they would rather sell me a brand new radio with DAB etc.

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