Replacing cd player?


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Hey all,

Recently bought a 2006 A4 S-Line. Sometimes the CD player wont recognise all songs on a CD and often wont automatically play the CD when I start the car up (if the CD was playing when I last turned the engine off). This happens no matter what CD I listen to. I'm guessing it's on it's way out :( Can anyone advise on what I would need to replace this CD player (an Audi Concert) with just a regular Sony or Kenwood? I'm not sure if the DIN size is the same or wiring etc.

Thanks for any help!


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I'd try giving the lens a clean before you swap it out. I had to clean mine as they seem to pick up haze probably from the heat they generate. If a lens cleaning cd doesn't work you can open up the unit and clean it with some IPA alcohol and a cotton bud

the concert head unit is a single din