Replacing CCT - questions


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My valve cover gasket needs replacing and the last time I did this I also replaced the CCT gasket and half moon just by raising the CCT.

This time, depending on pad wear, I am considering replacing the CCT itself 'whilst I'm there'. There are no errors in vag com, but I sometimes get a 1/2 second rattle on cold start up.

I have done some reasearch, but haven't found definitive answers to the following:

Providing the cam sprocket lines up with the TDC mark on the valve cover AND the arrow on the exhaust cam cap is pointing at the 'window' on the exhaust cam, am I good to go? Or do any of the other timing marks need to line up as well i.e. crank pulley, flywheel.

Is it OK to reuse the inlet cam oil seal?

Is it OK to remove the exhaust cam cap closest to chain to make extra room for removal? As shown here

Has anyone successfully replaced just the tensioner's pads?

If I fit a new tensioner it will be a Febi unit from GSF. Engine is an AMK with 95K. Any other pearls of wisdom?

Many thanks.