Replacing bose sound system with aftermarket


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I have A3 1.9TDI sports 2002 which currently has sympathy II headunit and bose subwoofer and speakers.

I am going to be replacing the headunit with a 7" monitor / bluetooth / video - which also has RCA cables for the front, rear and for the sub which will all go into my 6 channel amplifier.

The speakers are being replaced with new edges 5.25" front and 6.5" rear door - these speakers are 70/80watt RMS which match my amplifier.

I also have 12" 1100watt subwoofer which I am planing on making a fiberglass enclosure in the boot for.

So the plan is to have the amp in the boot (Can't think anywhere else it would fit) So I will need to run 5 RCA cables from the headunit to the boot.

What is the best way of doing this?
Does anyone have a map of all the audio wires?

I also can not find an adaptor for the headunit? new facia and a cage.

So the current plan is (I work in an engineering company) to produce a 2mm thick stainless steel facia that will have brackets to secure the headunit and then have X4 security bolts Countersunk into the facia to bolt to the old cage



Defo worth the wait :)
Agreed, PM Andymac, or alternatively post in the ICE Section, someone may be able to give you some good advise there....