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Replacement Tyres

rich_16 Aug 7, 2018

  1. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member

    Once the tmps settings were set for the new pressures no further occurence of any warnings. Tyres are fine, good ride, quiet levels and the steering feels more 'pointy' than before. Although this might be due to them being set to the normal pressures instead of lower...
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  3. SMI77

    SMI77 Australia

    A safe 2019 to you all!!!
    A new year, so all vehicles in Oz another year older.:sadlike:

    Planning a trip, Brisbane to Melbourne return, this month, but do not trust the P Zeros for that 2500 mile journey = PS4S's incoming.
    Paid for them on NYE @ a good price. To be fitted this week, with a real world alignment.
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  4. SMI77

    SMI77 Australia

    PS4S tyres on, so we toddled off to Melbourne (1125m), for most part dual-carriageway & 7omph cruising. With 3 up, luggage & +2psi, tyres were a little firm, but still acceptable. Return was a little longer due to inland route which was almost all single lane road. The DTUK S4 handled both ways beautifully, with the trilogy making overtaking of numerous B-Double Trucks & Road Trains so much quicker = safer.

    We came back a different route to do a pilgrimage to the mount ie. Mt Panorama circuit @ Bathurst. This was 10 days before the 12H race. The Audi signs were all resplendent with their fresh paintwork, stopping on Skyline to take in the view.

    Back at home, with weight out & normal pressures, took it out to a favourite stretch of road. Ride, handling & turn-in were wonderful.
    Also upon return I took it back to the tyre-fitter who rechecked the alignment, which they set to their standard specs for a B9 S4. Not sure if that is 'factory' specs, but alignment had not altered & no sign of the extra inside front tyre wear, as was had on the P Zeros. At the tyre-fitters, was told with the 19's, 265 x 35 would have fitted no problem Grrr!!!
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