Replacement Rear Top Mounts


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Hi guys, just a quickie.

Does anyone know of any make of 'uprated' top mounts, as mine have begun to start knocking......need a new set, so better get some stronger ones than normal, as the suspension is under a lot more pressure than usual.


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They look like for a VW Beetle A4 type chassis, like we have the B5 type.

I am gonna see if there is a washer/shim i can add tomorrow,

Will keep you posted


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Mawhitey - it says they are for the 1.8l too, which you can only get in 2wd form, so as they are aftermarket they might look different???

Raymie - I'm really thinking of it, all my friend have told me to keep it, as i wouldn't be the same without it. Also the rest of the parts i ordered turned up a few days ago, which i totally forgot about, so seriously thinking about it. If not the rears are slightly knocking so i must get that sorted before, if she goes. :)