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Replacement Heater Blower

XPOWER Dec 29, 2014


    XPOWER Active Member Team Catalunya Audi RS3

    The heater blower has ceased up and can only turn a quarter of a rotation before stopping.
    This hasn't come as a surprised because it started doing it moths ago but after a clean it has been working fine.

    So I need a new one.
    I phoned up the Audi dealer and they quoted over £300 for one. :wtf:

    After declining the offer I contacted Euro Car Parts which initially said it was £86 but that one was for manual air-conditioning but I needed a climate control blower which has a different connection pin.
    The climate control blower was £103.
    When I tried it that didn't work so I retried the old one but that one was working with a quarter turn.

    They are ordering a replacement blower for me to try tomorrow by they did mention that I could have a branded one for £170.

    Should these units work with my car or is there a difference even though externally they look the same?
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  3. fangio

    fangio Well-Known Member


    XPOWER Active Member Team Catalunya Audi RS3

    Just to update I tried the replacement unit and that didn't work either.
    I put the old one back on to make sure it was working and it did 1/4 turn. So the climate control system isn't faulty.
    I've now had a refund. I asked the local car breakers if they had any in stock but they said those unit are quite rare.
    I will look at the classifieds then failing that I will go back to the dealers.

    XPOWER Active Member Team Catalunya Audi RS3

    After a quick search I found a salvage company with a number of 8Ps breaking for parts.
    I called them and explained what I wanted.
    They came back with a quote of £45 delivered for a tested blower with a three month guarantee.
    I'm happy with that seeing that some of the second hand units are going for £80.

    So it should be with me in a couple of days.

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