Replacement front wings


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I would be loath to buy a pre-painted pattern part due to potential fitment and colour matching issues.


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Buy cheap buy twice as the saying goes.

have a look on AUTODOC


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Due to it having a 90 day warranty i would take it at that price and see what its like once you get it before fitting


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You can buy a used full black front end for like £1500


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I’ve used them. My front wings were rotten on the inside and seemed like a decent option. They fit well, no problems there and the price is great but the colour match to a silver 56 plate isn’t preferable. Its not bad but i can’t not see it which bugs the hell out of me. It might be better with a different colour but i can only speak from my experience.
In all honesty i’m getting a respray next year to have it as i want it.
Hope that helps a little.


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I didn't see any mention of it having to be sprayed (unless I missed it?).
Any chance you can request them in primer and get a body shop to fit and spray them to blend into your existing paintwork? They would still be a big saving and you would have a colour match straight away.