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Replacement for A4 Cab

hotglove Oct 11, 2009

  1. hotglove

    hotglove New Member

    :confused:Time has come to replace my much-loved 2.5 Tdi Cab. Max budget is £30k, must be auto and diesel. One of the most important features of its replacement must be a good satnav/ipod system with the display at a high dash level and intuitive controls. Must also have high-spec speaker system and, ideally, a light coloured interior.
    Late model A4 Cabs are out because no MMI, anyway, the display is too low down.
    I like the A5 Cab, but the early models are all high-spec 3.0Tdi Quattro, so still a bit above budget. Also, unless I've got it wrong, 2.0Tdi's are only available with black interiors.
    BMW 3 Series is the current favourite (mainly because there is a much bigger selection of used examples), but their iDrive system is a bit clunky in the 2008 cars, but absolutely brilliant in the current model.

    BMW 1 Series is OK but a bit cramped in the rear (but within budget for a new one)
    Volvo have a (IMHO) ****** awful interior, Saab don't have a decent music interface.
    Any suggestions, comments, amenable dealers?
    Once I get sorted my Cab will be for sale, 2.5 TDi 163 sport, Auto, satnav (CD) light blue/blue hood, grey leather/Alcantara, Dension Gateway 300 iPod interface (allows use of CD multichanger and includes bluetooth phone connection) 84k miles, full service history (cambelts, waterpump changed on last service) Good all round, £9500 (could include reg.no AYY4 at extra cost)

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