Replace key fob battery


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I picked up a 2013 A3 this weekend and a warning came up on the dash saying something like "replace key fob battery" or "key fob battery low"
The garage (not main dealer) said it could be an age thing as the car is 3 years old and even when trying the spare key the message was still there.
On the 130 mile trip home the message dissapeared and hasn't returned so do i need to replace both batteries in the fobs?
After replacing a battery does the fob need recoding?



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Procedure is in the manual but open keys, swap batteries over, job done. Nothing needs recoding.


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I had to replace one last week, it lasted less than 2 years. I do use the key a lot to pop the trunk so maybe this has contributed to it's early demise.

Btw you need CR 2032 batteries and you can get them on the 'bay for a couple of quid for 2.