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Replace factory rear-speaker amp - what will the factory wiring take?

A4 stu May 8, 2018

  1. A4 stu

    A4 stu Member

    My current B5 is a 1998. It has the standard Audio radio with active rear speakers.

    Can anyone tell me which fuse(s) is for the radio and the rear speaker amp please?

    The owners manual lists:

    37 - Telephone (D-net), radio ...... 20 amp

    43 - S-contact (central locking, radio, navigation system)........ 5 amp

    I have checked the car and only the 20 amp fuse at 37 is present. There is no fuse at 43. My car has central locking and a radio but no navigation system?

    So it seems this fuse is for both combined?

    20 amp seem a bit high purely for a radio/tape unit? But when I remove it the radio does not work and I can only assume the rear amp is deactivated too.

    Basically I am looking to replace the rear amp (and speakers) and could do with knowing what size amp/wattage the factory wiring would take.

    I have an old school Pioneer GM620 amp which I think was fused with a 4a fuse and only rated at 2x17w(35w max) so was thinking of trying this or something similar.

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  3. Samuel c5 Q

    Samuel c5 Q Active Member Silver Supporter VCDS Map User

    Is that 17 rms or peak to peak as a lot of the manufacturers claim? That's just under 3 amps current draw. I couldn't see the factory wiring having a problem with that. I think I was drawing 9 amps or so through the cigarette socket with no issues when running a transceiver and amplifier.

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