reomte boot release / opening - how far should it open?


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as the title says.

when i press the remote release buton should it open up atall or does it just undo the catch and then you have to lift it manually still?

mine just pops the catch but i still have to lift it up all the way... seems a bit pointless to me as you have to use your hands anyway!


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Yeah it just pops it and you have to do the rest. Not like the new A6 with has the full auto system.


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Once open, does your boot lid open all the way?

With mine, once the boot has opened, if you push up, there is still about 2 inches the lid can be opened??

Is this right?


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The boot lid doesn't open fully by design. Apparently it's a feature designed for car parks with low ceilings, popular on the continent, and stops your paintwork being scratched. Don't worry, after a while your brain adapts to the pain of concussion and counters it with a reflex action to push the boot lid all the way upwards every time you open it.