Rent A Ramp, Car service meet up.


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Trying to gauge who would be interested in meeting up as a group to service our cars at one of the "rent a ramp"/"self service garages" that are available.

I'm not a trained mechanic but even I think I can do an oil change.

No idea of location yet until I see who would be interested and where would be central.

My car is in need of an oil service and I wanted to do the gearbox and diff at the same time and figure as a group working on the cars that not only could we save few hundred ££ but you would know the service would be done correctly.

Near Carlisle

I figure at £120 for an 8 hour hire with 4 people we should get 4 cars done.

Service I would like to do would be applicable to B8 or 8.5, S4 and S5 RS4 and 5 and would be more comprehensive than your normal services.

Would anybody be interested in this?