renault clio 182 problem??

jonathan english

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Dec 8, 2014
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hi guys I'm asking this on behalf of a guy I work with this is his post if anyone can help id be much appreciated!

Hi this is my first post!!

Had all belts changed along with a dephaser pulley. All genuine Renault parts.
After the works was done there was a tappy/ticky sort of sound when accelerating. I thought nothing of this as I knew i needed a new airfilter, i assumed it was that.
I was driving down the A120 4 days later doing about 70mph. When the revs went past 4000 the car started to jerk every few seconds. Then all of a sudden all power was lost and once i grounded to a halt the engine wouldn't turn over.
When the green flag man turned up he got the engine started but it sounded like a lot of banging a clunking was going on.

The car is currently back at the garage which carried out the works for the belts. I'm worried there gonna say its nothing to do with them and end up paying for a possible rebuild.

Any thoughts on what i should do and what it could be??

anyway last night we went to the garage and they said that its not their fault and its just unlucky basically one of the valve seats has blown to bits and the spark plug is 10mm shorter the other weird bit is that its only damaged 1 valve the rest are perfect? He assures us that it has been timed perfect? Today he is taking the head off but is it likely his fault or just coincidence? Thanks for your help! Jon