Removing water spots


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Well with all this rain we have had lately i have struggled to get near the S2 Avant(3 weeks) till today to give it a proper clean ...was pretty dirty and has been sitting since i have been concentrating most of mine time on the coupe ...anyway ...I had had to clay the whole car as the paint work was not looking its best and wax her ...3 hours it took me and hardcore non stop ..but the biggest thing i could not remove was water spots that are all over the bonnet ..I have megs scratchX and it did not even touch it ,rotary with G10 no joy either ...what am i doing wrong ?...I have just bought megs paint cleaner online and going to give that a go but is there anything else that will shift these



will post pics tomorrow when the suns out hopefully


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The bonnet

The rest came up good



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Water spotting can be a complete PITA to remove; if the G10 didn't touch it then you're going to be looking at a two stage process, starting with a light compound on a light cutting pad, then following up with a finishing polish on a polishing pad. Good light compounds for rotary use are Menzerna RD3.02 or 3M Extra Fine Compound. :icon_thumright: