Removing tint glue from rear lights

Nicole Redfern

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I've had to remove the tint from my rear lights for my MOT next week as Audi advised it would not pass. The first light and the brake light removed easily and left no residue, but the other has the glue left all over it.
Does anyone know a way for me to remove the glue and get the light back to being nice and shiny? Preferably something that is safe to do with the light still on the car without damaging paint, if not I can remove. I don't want to scrub at it or use anything too harsh that might scratch the light or damage surrounding paint.
So far I've tried glass cleaner, and hot soapy water. I was thinking that tar remover could work and that can also be done with the lights on the car? Had a look online but can only find things for windows which will be harder to scratch than the plastic and are on the inside so don't have to worry about paint


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Yeah a tar remover should remove it easily, dab it on with a microfibre cloth let it break down the glue before rubbing.

A light coat of polish / wax to seal the light afterwards