removing some stone chips and UDM first use


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had a lot of stone chips on the car, got some touch-up paint, a fine brush and filled them yesterday.

Then this morning used some 2500 wet and dry sandpaper to flatten the paint where it has been touched

pics after flattening:

Then got the UDM out with some Menzerna R3.02:

then use Sonus 2nd nad 3rd stage polish

and collinite 476s

bonnet done:





quite happy with the result esp for a first time...will do the whole car tomorrow :)

comments and more advice most welcome


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looking good, needing to do mine.... your post has convinced me not to go for a front end re-spray.

Question, what about lacquer?, did u paint, lacquer ad then rub down?

Also presume that you used a polisher, where did you get it from, is it easy to mess up?



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what I used:

touch-up paint that already had lacquer.

use a very fine brush and make sure you fill the chips, not around them.

allow to dry for 24hrs, then rub down with 2500 wet and dry with plenty of fairy. don't use too much pressure though, just take your time to flatten it

wash area well and dry

then I used Ultimate Detailing Machine with Menzerna R3.02 (very easy to use)

the sonus final finish

and wax it with collinite 476s



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Im well impressed mate,superb finish,lacquer can be a pain in the **** to sometimes,so uve done well to get that finish,you from liverpool?


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BTW, I'm from Mauritius, living in Kent atm

but a liverpool fan ;)


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Great job and I enjoyed the pics. Looks the biz now and YOU are happy, which is the main thing.

Love the last photo by the way.

Top job:icon_thumright:

Andy D

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Those first couplke if imgaes would have scared the **** out of me. I'd have been looking at the car and thinking OMG what have I

Cracking job mate, wish I had the confidence and equipment to do mine!


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thanks :)

will post more pics when whole car is done :)

yes, it is easy with the right stuff and patience.

used the guide on Polished Bliss regarding polishing :)