Removing RNS-E from car


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Apr 23, 2010
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I've got problems with the sat nav DVD, and as far as I've read, I should clean the laser. My problem is that I can't get the demounting hooks to get a grip of the unit. I dare not to apply too much pressure, and I don't know how far in they should go - any hints would be gratly appreciated.


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Which way are you putting them in?
Make sure you're putting them in the right way round.
Sure they are put in so that top L is show seen from the top at left and top R is shown seen from the top right.
im sure the angled side of the pins with the cut outs should be facing inwards towards the screen.
they can be bast==ds to get out, just drop out the glovebox and whilst the keys are in the unit push the rns-e from behind
Whenever I've removed mine I've always done the following.

1. Remove the gloove box - it's held in by about 5 or 6 bolts, very easy to remove. This then allows access to the back of the RNS-E to push it out.

2. I only have 2 keys, so start with the left hand side. Insert the keys (I think the orientation is important, can't remember which way though, but you should be able to feel that they are engaging and pushing the tabs back), gently push the unit forwards from the back, just enough to clear the tabs (5mm ish).

3. Then insert keys in right hand side, hold the left hand side to stop it pushing back and ease the right hand side out untill its level with the left.

4. Then holding the sides of the unit, from the front, pull.

This always works for me, hope it helps you in some way :icon_thumright:

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