Removing rear light cluster on A4 Cab


Dude, what's mine say ?
Hi Guy's - How do you remove the rear light cluster on a A4 Cab ? I need to replace a bulb.

I have removed the black plastic circle and then undone the bolt which sits behind it but then what ? It feels like there maybe another bolt holding it in but I can't see any others.... What am I missing here ? :keule:



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no others in there mate,just pull them out to the left for left side and right for right side,there on rubber gromits which is the resistance your getting.


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A handy tool for this is a steel ruler wrapped in duck tape. This can then be used to pry out the lugs on the back of the cluster (towards the front of the car) as they can be really stiff if they haven't been removed before. So basically you tease the cluster out to the left or right depending on the side.


Dude, what's mine say ?
Thanks guy's all done now. I was pulling the cluster towards me and not to the side. Although I must say it's a lot easier getting off when you know how! then it is putting it back on!!!