Removing Hazard button?


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Jun 4, 2007
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Has any successfully removed the fascia surrounding the stereo and hazard button (i.e. without damaging it!)? Does it just pull straight out?

I've done the following
- took out the stereo
- took out the two screws either side of the fascia behind the stereo
- took out the one screw in the ashtray
- pulled the fascia either side

Now it pulls out at the sides. But there doesn't seem to be any give near the top. See the photo below - the bit circled in yellow doesn't seem to prise away easily. I don't want to pull it too hard incase I crack it.

Does anyone know if something is holding this fascia in near the top? This is a pre-facelift S3.


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I seem to remember from when I took my headunit out there are some screws that hold it on in there.

Whip your stereo out and it should be pretty obvious. In fact I took mine out to sort out one of the heated seat switches that had pushed in and dont recall any screws above the headunit :)
Yep there are some screws. Three. Two behind the headunit, one inside the ashtray.

I removed all these screws. But when attempting to pull the fascia out it seems to be holding on at the very top. It will come out at the side, but the top bit (circled in yellow in the pic) seems to have something holding it on.

For anyone who has done what I'm tryin to do on a pre-facelift S3, is it simply a case of removing the three screws and pulling it straight out? Is something holding it at the very top?
On my facelift that top part is held in by clips, was a fairly easy job was a nightmare getting the switch out though! I had to make some keys! Seems a bigger job on a pre facelift. Sorry not to be of any help
On my facelift that top part is held in by clips, was a fairly easy job was a nightmare getting the switch out though! I had to make some keys! Seems a bigger job on a pre facelift. Sorry not to be of any help

Do the clips just pop straight out?

Not quite sure what you mean by you had to make keys? I thought it would be fairly simple to get the switch out once the facia was off...
Yes mate mine just clips off then pushes back on. By key's I mean two thin peices of steel to push down each side of the hazzard switch (it's held in much like a car head unit is) it will become pretty obvious once you see it, it's a bit tricky but took me half hour might take you 30 seconds but good luck. By the way I'm presuming it's the same part as mine! Should of thought I'd would be?
Mine's pre facelift but on an A3....looks the same though.

Mine needed a bit of a pull but it did come off OK in the end. I think I put a small screwdriver with some rag wrapped around it behind there to help ease it off.

i had to do this the other day in my 01 s3 to try and get to the cup holder, mine is slightly different as in it has a cup holder and 2 dummy switches but the principles are the same.
its acctualy quite an easy job. get a flat head screwdriver, pop out the dummy switch which doesnt do anything, it should pop off relatively easily but be careful not to scratch the lovely black shininess because audi dont sell it cheap! once you've done that you should then able to get your fingers in there to pull it off, dont be scared to give it a good tug as it should only be on with clips
good luck!
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Thanks. Sounds like there is no clip at the top and that some gentle pressure should get it to pop out! I'll give it a go and see how I get on.
Got around to tinkering with this again and finally got the hazard switch out.

I did the following

1) Took out my stereo
2) Took out the two screws behind the stereo
3) Took out the screw behind the ashtray
4) Took out the ashtray
5) Pulled either side of the fascia and worked my fingers in behind it
6) Then, as I mentioned in the previous seems to be held on tightly at the top. So, worked my fingers behind the fascia and up to the top. Then slowly worked my fingers behind the fascia at the top, applying a little more pressure each time and eventually it popped off!

You can see in the pic below two circles in yellow. There are plastic bits on the back of the fascia that slot tightly into these, and simply pop out when pulled hard enough.

One you have the fascia out at the top. You'll need to get the harzard switch out. As mentioned previously, it's held in much the same way as your stereo with metal pieces either side. You can see the tip of the metal pieces in the photo below.

I simply put a thin knife down the side to apply pressure to the metal bit, then pulled the switch out. You should get away with just applying pressure to the metal bit on one side whilst pulling the switch hard, one side will half pop out, then pull the knife out whilst stilling pulling hard on the switch, and the whole thing will pop out.

Once you get the switch out you can remove the connector at the back of it.

And here is a picture of the switch. As you can see it does go back a good bit.

Here's the part number from mine (1999 S3 8L) - 8L0941509H

im thinking i may have to do this as my indicators stopped flasing yesterday. just in time for my M.O.T. great!! tell you what these s3's come with their faults dont they!!! does anyone know how much the switch costs and is it the same part no as the pre-facelift.
Excellent thread, looking at this though i should be able to just leave the radio in and pop the top part of the dash out shouldnt i?
Yep that black bit round the button will just come away with a little help from mr flat head screw driver. I had to remove my radio to get the actual switch out though because one of the metal clips bent and I had to push the switch out from behind.
Awesome info! i will be using this. I took mine half apart and wondered about the top coming off with out breaking. Metricspaces nice job!
For the record...8L0941509H has been superseded to 8L0941509N

I replaced my hazard relay this afternoon (my indicators had pretty much stopped working altogether!). The part number I bought was 8L0941509N (now £43.99 from Audi dealer). This was slightly different to the original part in my car (2003 S3 8L), which was part number 8L0941509K. The red triangle on the "N" version is larger than on the "K" version. Luckily I was able to simply remove the red triangle cover and replace it with the one from the original part. For one horrible moment I thought I was going to have to file out the triangular hole in my piano black trim! Phew.
Anyone know where the photo's have gone from this thread? I need to do this sometime over the weekend. Tried the other day but was a bit reluctant to be a bit to heavy handed with the facia. Thanks

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