Removing Glove Box Scratch!


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Feb 20, 2013
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Someone has managed to put a small scratch (about 3/4 inch) on my glovebox! Not happy about this, and it really stands out. The glove box is a textured plastic and I'm finding it difficult to think of a way to hide the scratch as much as possible!

Any ideas?
When I got my last car (Golf V), the dash had some minor damage which they couldn't fix straight away. However they had a woman who came in to fix such things who fixed it a few weeks later.

All I know is that I dropped the car in one day, waited an hour or so, and it had all gone. Car smelt of glue/resin afterwards but the fix was totally invisible.

It was a mobile service but alas I can't remember the name. She said most of her trade was visiting car dealers fixing stuff up before cars were sold.
Thanks. I've read about using a heat gun / hairdryer to make the plastic pliable so you can rub the scratch out with your finger (apparently..!|)
Pic of damage.

Yes the covering does allow you to rub the surface with some pressure & the makeup of the covering actually, for some scratches, covers up some.

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