Removing chrome trim from A6 C7 Avant


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I have just picked up a 2015 (65 reg) A6 avant S line.

Great looking car but I am not keen on the chrome trim so that is getting wrapped next week. There is a chrome bit of trim along the bottom of the tailgate, does anyone know if this can be removed and if so how? Not sure if its just stuck on or screwed somehow.

I can get it wrapped but would prefer it off completely.

Thanks in advance


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I’m 99% certain it’s only stuck on. What colour is your car ? As having it wrapped might look a bit odd if the car isn’t black.


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It is black luckily!

I will try removing it this week, along with the badges.

I presume lightly heating it and carefully removing it is the war forward?


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It’s just stuck on, I removed mine when I de-chromed my allroad.
I used a hot air gun and a thin plastic card to break the bond then spent ages cleaning the glue off!!


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hi can anyone confirm how the trim along the roof all the way too rear quater
glass is attached/removed as mines a black edition starting too bubble were it joins!