Removal of the steering wheel on a an a6


Deep Blue
Does any one know how to remove the steering wheel (airbag cover on an a6 C5) I know about disconnect battery but dont know how to release the airbag cover in the centre of the steering wheel i suspect it is some thing to do with the two holes in the rear of the steering wheel. but are they clips or screws.



Hi, have VAG manual showing this. However, two holes behind the steering wheel (3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions) will take a Torx T30 driver. Best to use a screwdriver type insert and hold with an adaptor in a ratchet. Bolts should be captive (they won't onto the floor but will remain with the wheel). Carefully pull bag away from wheel and release connector - lay front side down carefully in a safe, dry, place. Hope this helps.