Removal of the RNS-E screen anti-glare coating


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Recently purcahsed an Audi A3 (2009) which came with the RNS-E Navigation plus unit.

The unit is in great condition but the screen looked dull, so I took to some pledge and a microfibre cloth. That seemed to make things worse, had bubble marks on the screen that were really bad in the sun. Did some research and found out that they coat the screen with an anti-glare solution.

So after a trip to halfords I picked up a bottle of this stuff (£9 - SCRATCH X 2.0)


Official site info :

I started in the middle of the screen and put a bit of the paste on the cloth, medium pressure in circle motions, grab a torch and you can see the coating start to disappear! I feathered it out until I had it removed. I think the screen looks cleaner and clearer than before.

Tip : If you press the button on the unit that pivots the screen andlook underneath at the bottom left and right corners you can remove 2 tiny screws which allow the plastic bezel to come off. You can then apply scratch x to the corners of the screen with ease.

I must admit I was freaking out when I started polishing out the coating thinking I had messed up the screen. You need to be patient and keep polishing. I have a really nice shine now on the screen with no scratches at all. I will add pics soon.

If you still want the anti-glare you can order the screen-protectors from ebay!


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Hello, I would like to apologise for writing in an old thread but since it had no replies I thought it would be ok.

I wanted to ask - when you have the screen tilt up so that you can remove the plastic shroud, how did you prevent it from automatically retracting backwards? It seems it will always do so, even with key not inserted into the car. I guess unplugging the battery is a way but I was wondering if there was a more subtle way as well.