Remote key not working


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the remote control key on my 2003 A4 2.5 TDi q fails to lock or un lock the car but if I unlock the car manualy and turn on the ignition once the key works OK for perhaps the next 7 to 10 days , the secont remote key will not work when the problem shows . Has anyone had this ? I would like to fix myself as I cant stand phoneing the dealer to be told book it in and 4 weeks later to be told we cant fing a fault as it did not show while we had the car !


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Probably the conveniance control module under the carpet on the passenger side playing around. Have changed a few of these for this particular problem.
Hope this helps


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I've had it. New convenience module fitted. NOTE: all your keys need to be re-coded when a new module is fitted including the little plastic wallet key. If you have all electric windows and interior light pack, make sure that they all work after the new module is fitted. The dealer that fitted my new module had it programmed wrong and the rear interior lights and windows didn't work. They changed a few parameters in the new module and they worked again.


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I've got exactly the same problem with my car (also B6), how much did the convenience module cost to replace?



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.....just noticed the last post was over 4 years ago, so may not get a reply from any of the other posters.

Has anybody else had this??


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I rarely use the spare key on my B6 and it always does this , the daily key has no such problems so I'm not too worried. I have to keep a key offside as herself would loose both given half a chance. By loose I mean place them in one of her numerous handbags where they would never be seen again!