Remote Key Fob Keeps Un-Pairing


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Sep 24, 2015
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Have a problem with my key fob, opens and closes the car fine, but after a week or even a few days it will refuse to remotely unlock the car.

I then have to do the put the key ignition press the lock/unlock simultaneously and then it will be ok for the next few days.
Mine does this every 6 months or so, but keys won't pair with car without recoding. My issue is likely the expensive box in the passenger footwell (name escapes me).. hopefully this isn't yours.

Is it both keys? Have you replaced batteries?
Convenience module does sometimes get wet, however you need a spare key to test remote functions, we've had keys do this & swapped out the immo chip, which resolved the issue.
I had this to the point where i was climbing in using the lock on the boot! Turned out it was just the battery prongs on the fob needed bending! Give that a go and good luck!
I had a similar problems that went on for months. turned out to be a loose wire in the drivers door.
Its under the rubber sheath that that goes from the drivers door to the car. There are a few wires inside. It was the bigger red/brown wire that was broken on mine. It stopped my electric window and door mirror from working aswell. Sometimes when the door was closed the two ends of the broken wire would be touching and everything would suddenly work again.