Remote Heating / Blackvue dashcam charging - Fuses in A3 etron


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Hi guys,

Wondering if there's anyone on here that knows about the fuses in the A3 etron 2018?

I've got a Blackvue Dashcam and Ultra Power battery setup and its all up and running, charging whilst driving, and so always on 24/7 (Parking mode), and it will last for 2-4 days. I've currently got it charging from Fuse F40 (Sockets?) (Ignition Power).

I've also got the Remote heating feature set up and running with the MyAudi app, so that all works. I'm wondering if this uses fuse F7 (Parking heater/etc.) ?

And if so, I'm wondering if I switch the dashcam's power from fuse F40 to F7, if I can get it to charge the dashcam battery via the Audi mobile app when the remote heating is on?

This would be very helpful when I go away for a week at a time! :)

I used this very helpful Blackvue dashcam setup guide for A3's that someone has kindly posted up and it includes a lot of pictures, so hopefully this helps:









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I'm guessing it will only charge whilst the remote heating is on ..... seems a very inefficient way to keep the cam on ! . I have an AUDI UTR and have not tested how long it will record for unattended but as far as I understood the 12v battery was kept topped up by the traction battery, though I may be wrong. So it should last a long time ....

This is my install for a UTR there is a PDF attached that shows the OEM recommended fuses..

No. 23 in the above thread talks about the fuses.


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Oh right, I was under the impression (hoping) that the F7 fuse was for the remote heating and also the climate control (When Ignition is on) ??
Looks like it in the fuse box key I found.

Thanks for the info, I'll check it out and let you know if I find anything out.


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The top half of the fuse box is permanent Live and the bottom half is switched F40 the lighter socket fuse can be change depending which position it is in ...


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Now I'm thinking to get what I'm looking for it might be easier to wire the dashcam battery charging wire into the back of the heating controls. I basically want it to charge the dashcam whenever the heating controls are lit up/on, so while driving and in remote heating mode.

So maybe I should look more into the heating controls wiring?


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Be careful as it says the battery will take unto 13.5A max whilst charging ! Make sure the wiring is up to taking that kind of draw.

I would first experiment with the fuses that Audi recommends in the UTR install PDF as I am guessing the car has the battery saving tech built in so no need for extra batteries or voltage monitoring.

You can use simple fuse taps to change where you are drawing from, you may find you do not need the battery because of the way the e-tron works....