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Remapping - Options/Best Plan?

Footiecoach Mar 8, 2018

  1. Footiecoach

    Footiecoach New Member

    Hi all

    Picked up my A7 BiTDI 2013 last weekend - lovely car to drive.

    Really enjoying it at present but I know having come from a Jaguar XFR and highly modified Subaru Sti that I will tweak the performance.......either sooner or later :).

    I'm pretty well versed on performance upgrades on other makes (as above) and fully re-built my Subaru and re-forged the engine but keen to pick the brain of those with Audi diesel tweaks to date, as any info will fully assist me in my project/journey on the A7 as plan on keeping for a few years.

    With this in mind I've been having a look through various threads with folk talking about upgrades and each with totally different figures achieved, some doing the exact same things but having totally different claims of success.

    I initially thought a Revo remap would allow me to achieve a nice road car around 400bhp but having reviewed their figures I believe it would be around 355. I also contacted a local garage who I think hold an excellent reputation (EcoTune in Glasgow) and had a great conversation with one of their staff today and he advises the recommended Stage 1 (only one they offer) would see 350.

    So I suppose my 2 questions initially are -

    1. For an A7 BiTDI 2013 - is 350/360 the best results currently available? I asked about upgrading the Intercooler, filter etc....and was advised this would allow minimal power increase but certainly help the cool air flow.
    2. IF 350/360 is the actual plan now - is going to Revo or EcoTune my best option as I see some plug & play boxes claim almost these figures so are these boxes any good to use instead of Revo/EcoTune and if so can anyone recommend the best one to go for?
    Thanks for any advice as keen to get folks input who have already gone down this path instead of me starting off in a journey, then wishing I had went a totally different direction.
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  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    We hav3 site sponsor mbjarvie @vag-tech in Glasgow
  4. alanyork

    alanyork Active Member

    My 2014 SQ5 has a revo remap done on the rolling road 373 @ flywheel & 590 Ft Lb Torqe, It pulls very well, Seems to pull better than my highest bhp jdm sti @ 510 bhp, @ 6 speed box ect, mapped by Andy Forest,
  5. Footiecoach

    Footiecoach New Member

    Hi Alan, yeah its Andy who does all my Subaru's. Think the high torque figures on the Audi's make them pull much better instead of the short sharp turbo on the STi's, he did my Hatch which was fully forged with cdb and had done my other Subaru's also.

    That's the issue with the Revo reply, they advised simply a quick file flash for the mapping and no rolling road or drive to review the file and in their words "for Revo we don't RR for the file mapping on a7 BiTdi" which I was a bit surprised about as I've seen a few at Revo Port Glasgow on RR.

    In contrast if Andy F was mapping the Scooby stationary at his hut in Port Seton then said "that's it done" without any checks on actual road or RR I'd be a bit apprehensive also.

    Your SQ5 sounds similar to the expected figures on my 3.0 BiTDi.
  6. fanta

    fanta Active Member

    The Revo maps are so generic and provided the car passes the pre-map checks they add it and ring for collection.
  7. Footiecoach

    Footiecoach New Member

    Appears so Fanta, is that standard for all Audi mapping in your experience to date?

    New to Audi ownership and my past few cars always had 'live mapper' who would map the individual car not just map with what model you had (just curious).
  8. fanta

    fanta Active Member

    It's fine if the car is completely standard and well maintained.
    If the car is modified in different ways this generic map is probably not the best choice.

    Badger5 is very well respected around here and they sure know their stuff!

    I'm currently driving an A4 1.8t with an AMD generic map. Previously had a custom map for an a3 1.8t. My other a4 will have a very custom map as it's a non standard turbo and mods to match.

    I know a little about a lot :)
  9. Phil.MC

    Phil.MC Active Member

    Hi again Ray, a bit of a thread revival here, my apologies.

    I've had 3 cars mapped over the years at EcoTune by Stan and his crew, and can hand on heart vouch for their work. Especially as my A7 BiTDi is with them for a new water pump, Darkside Developments dpf delete pipe, egr delete and remap as I'm typing.

    It's my understanding that although they do use a generic base map as a starting point, they custom tweak the map to your individual car. My last car had around 9 or 10 tweaks and rolling road runs until it was as perfect as they could get it.

    So much more than just loading a Revo map and giving you a before and after dyno print tbh :thumbs up:.

    I've stopped short of deleting the downpipe cat to prevent the noxious smell of gases in the cabin, but my spec will include:

    Pipercross air filter
    Egr delete
    Darkside Developments dpf delete pipe
    Stage 2 remap

    Will let you know how it goes later in the week :racer:.

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