Remap with or without gearbox remap?


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Ive asked a good few remap companies about remapping the s3 8v 309bhp some say yes to remapping the auto gearbox some say dont remap it.

Im sure there are some experts here what should I do?


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Iv been running 424bhp and 470lb on the dq381 gear box with no issues on stock dsg software and over 200 launches, now have a bespoke ecotune tune but getting tvs stage 3 tune and going stage 3 at the same time.
The box can take stage 1 and 2 no problems but it makes sense to get it done long term


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I run Revo, 375 bhp on standard 7 speed box, no probs. I was told the F/l cars with 7 speed boxes can handle more torque then pre face lift 6 speed boxes. Not sure how true that is, but it’s all good