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In south west uk?

Can someone recommend any decent companies who provide a good remap at a good price?

Revo Steve-W

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You can located TSR and other dealers here -
Remember you get what you pay for with software, Revo have specialised in VAG tuning for more than 15 years now, sticking to what we know so we can put the development time into creating a complete software file, a file developed on track and road in the real world, rather then purely chasing numbers in a false environment with an open bonnet and big fan pointing at the car.
Revo's development and testing ensures optimum driveability and performance where you want it, in the mid range. Revo software is also fully adjustable, set up by your local dealer live on the road by data logging and reading how the car is behaving, we can also offer you switch-able maps and adjust-ability at home with the addition of the Revo SPS. Should you then wish to add hardware such as a Turbo-back exhaust system and FMIC and move up to Stage 2, you just pay the £50 upgrade fee for the Revo Stage 2 (a complete Stage 2 software file, loaded and again set up to make the most of your hardware).

Please speak to your local Revo dealer for more details and an appointment. We are so confident in the Revo software that we even offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied and will simply flash the car back to stock and refund you.



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They can't be that good , they can't even get the torque figures of a 1.9 130 PD right.



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Revo Steve-W

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Not sure where you are finding the above, as listings are showing as in the link below for the majority of 1.9 130PD's.
The longitudinal engines are lower as stock than the transverse, but not that low.

Example 1.9 130PD A3 Audi is listed below -

Handy link about peak figures here whilst on the subject -

If you require assistance for a specific model, please feel free to contact your local Revo dealer -