Remap of a 57plate 1.9tdi A3 in west london


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I know the question has been asked hundreds of times but theres alot of differing info.

Seems to me that I have these options

Revo - hard remap with over powering results ?

CIAC - some good & bad comments with smooth overall upgrade (can't find dealers though?

Chip n spin - in London, good comments ?

Prices range from £300 - £500, is there that much difference in the remappping? and yes I understand the "you get what you pay for comments" I also understand the "we can keep the cost high cos of reputation"

With a 1.9tdi company car, I am obviously not a speed freak (so don't want a wheel spin happy F1 remap) just want some more smooth power through the low/mid gears.

Reason I ask question for west london is that obviously I would like the after sales back up to be not far away.

Any advise welcome, sorry for the waffle.


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sorry to jump in on your thread dude,
anyone know if u can remap a 1.9tdi so its the same as the 2.0tdi after a remap