Remap for my tqs, is it worth it?


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Sep 22, 2010
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After my S3 my tqs is slightly dull so I'm toying with the idea of a remap. Due to a lack of options in the south west with 4wd dynos I'll probably just go revo, just wondered if anyone else with a k03s had done this and how noticeable the difference is? I know the gains are nothing like the + 50 bhp you get on a k04 car but is it a genuine improvement? Cheers, Russ
Probably only get upto a genuine 200bhp on a remap without a bigger turbo and other mods as the turbos are tiny, and they are only k03 on them that run 12psi of boost instead of the 7 or so psi on the 150bhp models
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Also its a chip in/out jobbie so revo may not be suitable as there mostly flash tunes through the obd port.

A remap if done correctly will net you just shy of 200hp nothing more, personally i would be getting some basic maintenance done before the remap checking pipe work making sure plugs, DV,air filter etc are in good order.

It will be more lively mid range/top end but not massively try souce a turbo from a BEX A4 B6 and you should see about 240hp but think youll need to swap out the injectors/maf aswell.
That good huh! Thanks for the help lads, bit gutted though, I thought the AJL had a k03s that could actually get past 200 bhp lol Is it not a me7 ecu on these, if it is that should be flash able by revo. This is all new to me, I know the transverse engine rather well but seems a bit different here, maintenance jobs are fully up to date, has a newly rebuilt 007p on it as had one kicking around and will have a proper smoke test before any map anyway.
Overall it's a shame, I had hoped there was a bit more potential in these cars!
we have a generic superchips on her TQS and it's much better, almost
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The AJL retained the old M3.8 ECU and no B5 model got the K03S turbo, so its basically an AGU with a factory remap to 180hp. For extra bonus points, Audi used the M3.8.2 ECU which cant be flashed at all, unlike the M3.8.3 on the A3/Golf AGU engines which can. That means the ECU needs to come out and a chip soldered in.

I never bothered doing mine, as i figured the change in peak power was so small as to not be worth the money. However i think in reality even though the peak power doesnt rise much, you would end up with a much stronger midrange making the car feel a lot stronger than stock.
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Wow so all the drawbacks of an agu but none of the benefits, can't believe I made the assumption that these ecu's would be on a par with aum/apy etc! I did get this as with a baby very close it's big enough for baby seats and a surfboard so tuning isn't the be all and end all but still! !! Looks like superchip it is then to make it bearable and then either bex turbo and supporting parts or back in the s3 lol
Thanks for the help and knowledge fellas, it's much appreciated
Just had a quick look on the revo website and they show software for these cars, is that a mistake on their part or are they capable of physically chipping these archaic ecu's? !
One approach is to slot an AGU ECU into it, which can then be flashed by the likes of Unicorn or RTech, and are cheap on ebay. Its more or less plug and play.

You can then start with a basic stage1 type map, then later once you want to upgrade the turbo you can go for a hybrid like the K280 and have it mapped to suit.

Tuning them is exactly the same as an AGU really its pretty much exactly the same engine. The only difference being that instead of there being rakes of K03s' around in scrapyards or on ebay, you need the turbo from a BEX engined B6 car which is quite rare. In reality the best option is probably to just have a smallish hybrid built up to suit the A4 fitment.
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Thanks pal, there's enough options then. That will help liven up the family wagon and make it a little more fun! I have missed the wealth of knowledge and help on asn, it's good to be back, cheers
Aragorn, you mention that the AGU ecu is more or less plug n play - is it really that simple? no messing about with immobilisers etc?
well yeh you need to code the immo, and mine and Brads both wouldnt play ball, but we're not sure if its a quirk with our clusters or not. I ended up just disabling the immo on mine as its a track car anyway.