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Remap Demo/trial?

#Nick May 30, 2014

  1. #Nick

    #Nick A4 Avant 1.9TDI PD130

    Hi Bill,

    Just a quickie...

    Do you do any free Demo Revo maps?

    I know of some places that will do a free 200 mile or 24hr (igntion-on time) Revo map? After which time, they automatically turn off and revert back to factory Map.

    Basically, I have me and 2 others who are wanting a Revo map, and we are only up the road from you, but we'd like to give a generic map a try before splashing out 300+ quid.

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  3. Revo Steve-W

    Revo Steve-W Well-Known Member


    Hi Nick,

    The trail maps are something we stopped a while back now, the issue was that it takes time to set them up for a trial and you don't get the full advantage on trail software. on top of this, we're rather our dealers be spending the time setting cars up fully for genuine customers, data logging on the road for the long term, not just for someone who's off to a track day etc. which in reality is what you often came across. As I'm sure you'll know by looking at any forum or feedback that Revo have an excellent reputation and we spend many hours/months creating our files, which I remind you are fully adjustable and can be set up to suit your requirements, even adjustable by yourself with addition of an SPS switch, so far from just a 'Generic' map.

    We offer a 30 day money back & car returned to stock, as we are so confident in our product.

    Please contact your local dealer for more details or if attending any of the shows, pop the Revo stand for show deals.

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