Remap - anyone used Shark Performance Self Tuning System?


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Thinking of getting my 2005 2.0 TDI 140PS remapped but don't have a local garage nearby in the Scottish Highlands who specialises in this sort of thing so looking to go via the remote remap method. Superchip Bluefin and Shark Performance STS appear to be the well known companies who offer this...but Bluefin gets mixed reviews whilst Shark STS gets very good reviews. There's quite a difference in price as well - Bluefin charge £365 whilst Shark charge £499 LOL

Just wondering has anyone used the Shark STS system and is it really worth half a grand?


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Where abouts in the highlands are you? Mark from BroTek travels around a bit and could probably map your car :)


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I'm in Inverness mate. However another reason i'm leaning towards the self tuning system is that you can almost instantly revert back to the factory settings - useful when the car goes to the steelers for service.


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Mate Im not that far away from you but I pop up to either Inverness or Aviemore every month to pick my kids up. Could coincide this with remapping your car if interested. If I had known beforehand I could of done it yesterday as I was up there recoding Steve220's A4 for cruise control. And if your car is the same one as in your sig as in the 05 plate then you don't need the STS unless its under warranty. If you know anyone else that wants a remap I could drive up just to do the mapping.


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Thanks Brodster, i'm not in any rush to get the car remapped so could always wait until next time you're in Inverness or Aviemore. How much do you charge (10% off for being a forum member?
) and realistically speaking what sort of power increase can i expect on my 2005 2.0 tdi 140 ps (no dpf)?
Cheers :)

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100% go with Mark@brotek, top bloke by all accounts :)