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Adem Ozkaya

Dec 13, 2015
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Anyone know where the best place to get my S1 mapped is? I had a look at revo dealers but £700 is stupid money, AMD Is £500 ....anyone know nay custom mappers that are just as good dont wanna give my car to some kid whos gonna **** it up

Also advice on whether to remove rear box and get a custom Y-piece put back in or remove OE backbox and replace with a smaller box?
Banana, did you know the people at the place that gave you that offer or did you simply phone up and say how much cash?
Also Adam cv joints are becoming a slight problem. Something to take into account.
I say slight as some have had it fail. But the majority have not.
I was in there and said could they map it and said yes and asked how much and think they said 400+vat so I just asked if they could do anything for cash and said yeah of course £400 for cash.

That's interesting about the cv joins is it a problem with the S1 so would there maybe a recall ?
Oh right so you got lucky.

No I wouldn't say so. It is people running stage1/2. I am only aware of two people having this issue. But I thought it is worth noting.

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