Remap and possibly clutch problem afterwards


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Hi, dont know if I am asking this in the right place or not but need help........I have an Audi A4 b8 2011 2.0tdi 136bhp. I got a stage 1 remap (only the other day) to 176-180bhp and noticed when I drive it on it sometimes feels like the clutch is starting to slip and the rev needle jumps up in 3rd and 5th gear ( this doesnt alway happen btw). Is this a common problem and will I need a new clutch or what should I do as I am afraid im going to damage something? Thanks.:redface new:


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It's the new torque , which is ?

And how many miles has the clutch done ?

Either reduce just the torque or renew clutch & DMF.


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Just asked the lad that remapped it and he said 400NM.

As for the clutch it prob does need replacing soon, but didnt slip before the remap.

If I replace the clutch and DMF will it just go again because of the new torque or would I be best just getting the torque reduced?

Thanks for you help.
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I had my A6 done to stage 1 and same symptoms.
From 170 it gone up to 210-215bhp but not sure torque.

Had to get it down to about 200bhp to save the clutch.

Now, 3-4 years on, same clutch is still slipping on high rev and gears but normal drive is ok

Clutch replacement with DMF is not the cheapest but will sort you out.
It will also wear off quicker but still a good life to get out of it. Unless you have really heavy foot

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All I want to know really is if I put a new clutch and DMF in will it strong enough or will it put too much pressure on it because of the remap? Heard of slines in the same modle as mine remapped to 180bhp and 400nm and getting luk or sachs clutch kits / flywheels and they are fine after it


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@NM93 just put an uprated clutch in it. Leave the remap as is. You obviously need a new clutch so get a new one fitted but don't go for an OEM


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if you bought the car from new then you'll know how sympathised the clutch is....if you didnt then it couldve been caned every single journey of its life prior to your ownership

therefore you really dont know the condition of the clutch until you see it

if after a remap the clutch starts slipping this is either because the torque has been too aggressively brought in (in the remap itself) or the clutch is worn to a point where it cannot take the increased torque

it wont be the DMF, they vibrate not slip

so check that out when replacing the clutch and ideally have one ready to fit if required but also ready to send back if not required (obviously id reccommend to change it though money persisting!)