Remap 1.8 TFSI 160 & Custom Exhaust- Yay/Nay


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Nov 27, 2014
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Hi folks,

I have my 1.8TFSI about 6 months now and its been very reliable and enjoyable to own.

However coming from a MK5 GTi, it is wanting for a bit more power.

I am thinking of remapping the car and getting a custom made exhuast, comprising stainless steel centre and rear silencer. Ideally id like around 210 bhp. Why didn't I buy a 2.0 you may ask, well simply none were sold in Ireland! The 1.8 160bhp model is very rare here also, everyone bought diesels.

Can get it done by custom fabricators here for a good price, I am based in Southern Ireland. Exhausts from the likes of Milltek are crazy prices and the weak Euro isnt helping.

Have any TFSi owners installed custom exhaust? Did it make a difference if so?

I'd like a bit more grunt and sound but the last thing I would want is a boomy/droney exhaust.

Finally has anyone had any reliability issues after remapping their 1.8 TFSi?