Reliable Audi!!

Les 51

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Well I'm at work, I was supposed to be on the way to one of my suppliers to pick up some bit's, and the ****** car wont start!! :wtf:
Now on a 2 1/2 hr wait for the RAC to come and tell me they can't do anything and tow it to the garage.:motz:
My poor old Mondeo did twice the mileage this has and was treated a lot worse and never broke down in the 7 years I owned it!
It's times like this that I wonder why I bought an expensive car, maybe I should have just bought another cheap one :keule:


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Sorry to hear about your misfortune, hope cars sorted now. Its one of those things where you can so much bad luck with one car and great fortune with another...


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Yup, I firmly believe you can indeed just have bad luck with a particular car. It has happened to me before and I just found best thing was to sell it... I was reluctant because I loved the car but it was the right decision looking back. Not saying necessarily its the right thing for you to do of course but food for thought.
On the other hand, when you get to the point where you have fixed so many problems on a car, you at least can be pretty sure they wont happen again! Buy another yoke and it could be worse!!
anyway, I bet you're confused now, sorry!


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I have to say that as much as i love my audi. I do feel it is not as reliable as my previous honda accord.

I get spurious problems with electrics in the footwell lighting and the fuel gauge.

It uses oil and water occasionally (not used to topping oil up nowadays) both tie rod ends replaced and the abs controller went. (got fixed for 160 quid in the states) and an annoying squeak behind the steering wheel. seems anything that may go wrong is also very expensive.

Had nothing lik ethis except a fondness for eating exhausts every three years. (complete system) on my honda. after 9 years and 260k miles without so much as more than service parts i was sad to see it go.

Hey ho you live and learn

Still love the audi for what it is comfortable, reasonably quiet(not a squiet as my wifes bmw 5 series) fairly pokey and fast enough to see most boy racers off.


Les 51

A pint of Diesel please!
Thanks for the responses guys, it turned out that when my car was serviced they changed the fuel filter and didn't connect the seal properly and it was leaking fuel and letting air in. Hence it wouldn't start.
The RAC were very good actually got to me in less than an hour and sorted it almost straight away!
I went back to the garage y/day and they refunded me the labour and the price of the filter, so it wasn't too bad!

I d still love my Audi, but I was pi***d that evening, just could have done without it !!


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Les 51 said:
It's times like this that I wonder why I bought an expensive car,

You did buy a cheap car, the problem is you paid a premium for it. The sooner VAG realise that people will no longer pay a high price for tat the better.

My Passat (11 months old, 12,000 miles) recently spent 5 days in the dealer having the alarm sorted out. I had a Vauxhall Zafira courtesy car (from VW assist?) that was so well built I felt like taking it to the Dealer Principle and asking why my Passat was so shoddy.

And before you ask, my previous A3 had two steering racks and a new rear suspension fitted in 20,000 miles.

I for one, will not be fooled again.