Relentless manifolds proof god hates us ?,


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Been trying to fit my relentless manifold today and been having a right mare!!

After having grinded a spanner to its death I think I have final managed to tighten the 9th bolt !!

I've gone to fit the turbo and see no physical way of getting the turbo bolt through the manifold ??

Has anyone got any tips from previous experience ??


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I boy pal that's hard I did it with head off and to me there is no way

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did you remove a ferw mm off the top edge of the flange to prevent it fouling the head casting, all of the ones I have seen don't fit without modification


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Hi mate

Yes studding the turbo to manifold with the relentless manni is the only way.( mines a v2)
The bolt next to the head you can get away with, the other two you cannot.
You will need to cut a couple of mil of the other two studs to get the nuts on.
I got my studs and nuts from tps.
Buy a couple of extra nuts for the studs, the fall down the back of the engine and are hard to find.
Make sure you bolt the turbo support bracket up or this could happen.
Good luck

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its m10, often use downpipe studs as the stud.