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Regas at F1 Autocentre, Enfield= good service!

Rog_B May 15, 2016

  1. Rog_B

    Rog_B Active Member Audi A3

    Not much wrong with my AC but I fancied a couple of degrees cooler so I booked in at F1 Enfield for 10 am today. The manager Paul connected it up to the equipment and I went off to nearby Morrison's for a cheeky fry up :)

    When I got back the cycle had reset for some reason so it restarted and that went without a problem, ended up getting up 5 C in the central vent too, which was really cold on the way home.

    It cost £34 with the voucher code AFACRG5OFF so good value.

    Paul is a nice friendly guy and I had a chat to some of the customers there who were a friendly bunch too!

    When I say not much wrong with my manual AC, since day 1 of acquiring this car it has blasted hot air intermittently which is really annoying on a hot day. This is the same with AC off.
    I have changed the flap motor and it has been VCDS reset too, no change. The motor still randomly moved changing the temp - grrrr!

    Last week I had a Eureka moment and fitted a switch in the glove box that interrupts the motor earth so once it is in the desired position, flip the switch and it will stay there and not hunt up and down at random. The result is cold (or hot ) air when you need it, and not when the electrics decide to have fun with you.

    As a contrast, I went to a nearby Halfords Auto place and asked about the regas, ohhh, much sucking of teeth and tutting, not sure when they could fit me in the next 10 days, it will take 2 hours +, cost £49. Glad I went to F1 now.

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