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I recently bought a 2002 A4 Avant 1.9tdi sport 130bhp. The Thermostat was faulty and the temperature gauge did not rise any further than 55 degrees. I was only averaging 40mpg, with 90% motorway driving. I was disappointed with this, so I replaced the thermostat. The temperature gauge now reaches 90 degrees when warm as I would have expected. However, It can fluctuate slightly from between 75-90 degrees even after a long period of time when warm, particularly if driving at slower speeds or stop/start driving like in the town. Is this normal? I was under the impression that with audi's/VW's once the temp reaches 90 degrees it stays there regardless.

My MPG has also improved from 40mpg to 48mpg. I would still like this to improve as I do mostly motorway driving. Any Suggestions?


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I would check the actual temp sensor as well. If you do have to replace it use a genuine one.


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I should have mentioned, I have already also changed the coolant temperature sensor. I am very particular with regards how I drive to maximise fuel economy, ie no harsh acceleration/braking/gear change/ and I sit at 60 on motorway etc
Might the fuel temp sensor affect the fuel consumption? Anything else?
What else may be causing the fluctuation in the temp garage?


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I've averaged 36-45mpg so far from my unmodified FWD 1.9TDi Avant. I think I'll get my thermostat and temp coolant sensor changed to see what happens. I to have been trying to maximise my mpg through my driving style. From what I've read on forums, I was expecting at least high 40's all day long!


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I have to ask. Were the thermostat and temp sensor genuine? Because I bought aftermarket and soon had to buy genuine.


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Both parts were aftermarket. Temp sensor was off ebay and thermostat was from eurocarparts. Foolish?