Recovering from service costs!


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Well I knew it was coming but still hurts!

My cambelt and oil servicewas due.

Plus my brakes at the front started to stick and warp the discs. Mechanic found that the hoses have collapsed on the inside (is this common??) and boiled the fluid. Both sides. Calipers were ok apparently.

So new pads, new discs, new hoses replaced fluid. With cambelt waterpump, aux belt, and oil and air filter change....


Car is a 143 2.0tdi 2008 b8. 125Kmiles.

Just hope i don't get any more sticking brakes!


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OH dear.

This is what I'm afraid of owning an Audi.
Luckily things like brakes and servicing, I can do myself.
The car is 7 years old. I'm probably gonna own it until its uneconomical to keep on the road, so I'm not too bothered about keeping proof of all work and services.


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I have the same, 143 2.0TDi B8 but on 136K miles.

I'm just about to have Cambelt/WaterPump done at the grand cost of £600 after only just having to fork out around £400 for new rear shocks 2 months ago. Plus my MOT is due!

Got to admit though, this car has been 100% sound. No issues to report, no extra payouts, just general ware and tare items. Gonna keep her going as long as I can.