Recommended detailer South London/West Kent/East Sussex?


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Hi guys,

Having picked my new Brilliant Black S3 BE at the start of April, and as I mentioned in my thread I was less than impressed with the PDI valet! After just one wash I was suffering swirl marks and water wasn't beading which suggested to me (as an ex-valeter from many moons ago!) that it hadn't had wax for one thing!
A spot of bad luck meant that I needed the bonnet painted again, which was done by Audi, and I now want the car given a full correction/protection detail that I can kkeep on top of combined, perhaps, with a monthly maintenance programme.

I did find a chap local to me who was competitive, recommended and talked me through lots of interesting bits and bobs, unfortunately now I'm ready to get it done he's not answering calls or texts. The firm who did my VR6 a couple of years back are flat out with work and so I'm a bit stuck!

As above, I'm looking for someone trusted who can get the paintwork looking amazing, the interior is pretty much perfect still so just outside and then work out a monthly maintenance schedule. South East London preferred but East Sussex and West Kent are also good for me... Any suggestions people?




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Thanks mate, that's impressive. Very competitively priced too! Will give them a shout.