Recommended Clutch S3 stage 1.

Joshua Ward

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Hi guys,

i am due a clutch and flywheel replacement and am looking at for a clutch capable of at least 450-500 nm of torque with ease.

if you guys could recommend any kits, currently looking at the Sachs kits, unsure if their " Xtrend" kit will cope cant find any torque ratings on it,

all recommendations will be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance


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You don't typically need a heavy duty clutch for Stg1 but if it needs replacing then it's worth future proofing.

The common choices are:

- Helix Organic and stock LUK DMF - 420ftlb (570Nm)
- Sach and stock LUK DMF- 400ftlb (542Nm)
- RTS twin friction and SMF - 435ftlb (590Nm)
- Spec Stg2+ and SMF - 440ftlb (596Nm)

From experience, don't get the Spec. It's loud (as expected from a SMF) and the gear change isn't nice although there is other mods you can make to help this. The Sach, although ftlb rated highly, you're right on your Stg2+ limit - I think many have moved towards the Helix over this these days. RTS is the new kid on the block but getting great reviews. Their SMF is modelled on a dual mass flywheel so no chatter and a OEM feeling pedal. The price is excellent compared to the others. As for Helix, this still seems to be the pick of the bunch but RTS can't be far off.

FWIW, I'm changing to RTS once NZ Customs sort out my package from Aussie.

There is others available but these are the core/common sets.


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I’m looking at a new clutch since I’m going stage 2+ soon. Was thinking the Sachs one sold by awesome gti