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Recommendations cleaning a car

DaveTM May 13, 2018

  1. DaveTM

    DaveTM New Member

    not hand washed a car for years but now I’ve a lovely Audi not sure about the hand washes places
    Recommendations please
    Snow foam
    Wheel cleaner
    Leather cleaner/conditioner
    Shampoo and so on
    Don’t want anything with harsh chemicals
    Just want it to look and stay great
  2. RS4B5

    RS4B5 5 pots

    Wheel cleaner any iron fallout remover great for brake dust the stuff that changes colour but please buy a scented one I bought a non scented one and I'm just happy that I ran out yesterday
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  3. RS4B5

    RS4B5 5 pots

    2 bucket method with touch less first if you want
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  4. Supa Koopa

    Supa Koopa Well-Known Member Team Glacier Audi S3 quattro S tronic

    Wow, how long is a piece of string on that question. :)

    You will get many different responses based on the person replying. Personally I like Gtechniq stuff, not everyone does and it certainly isn't cheap. Bilt Hamber stuff is good and fairly reasonable as you get more in the bottles.

    Really it depends on your budget and whether you want to order from one place, many places or walk into Halfords.

    Polished Bliss are a really good shop to order from and they have some nice guides and reviews of the products they sell.

    Snow foam - Angelwax is my favourite
    Wheel cleaner - Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel, or Car Pro / Angelwax bilberry wheel cleaner if they're not bad as you can dilute it so it's not harsh and won't strip the sealant
    Leather - Dr leather wipes
    Shampoo - gwash, car pro reset, etc
    Then you're in to the world of sealants and waxes.

    Lots to read and try to get your perfect setup. :)
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  5. jassyo06

    jassyo06 Voodoo Man ! Gold Supporter Audi S3 Black Edition Porsche Voodoo Blue S3 Saloon

    Best buy all your kit from one online seller
    One bucket
    Wash mitt
    Car shampoo
    Drying towel
    Quick detailer
    If you have a pressure washer
    Buy a snow foam lance and some snow foam this should get you started

    Some of the online detailing shops you can phone them and they will advise
    Ultimate finish
    In2detailing.co.uk will take your call
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  6. Audib5fan

    Audib5fan 4 rings <3

    All depends really on how much you want spend on the car as it can get addictive and you end up spending a lot

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