Recommendations / advice on Avant boot liner


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I'm thinking of getting a boot liner for my Avant, and of course there are lots of different options on ebay, Amazon....
With this in mind does anyone have any recommendations or advice on what to look for (or not) in an A4 B9 boot liner?


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Rubberised plastic one I purchased online for our A3's still as good as day one, the Audi ones were foam or rigid plastic & would tear, crack easily, these take everything & no damage after years of usage.

There's loads on eBay for the B9.

This is an example

Just make sure it's rubberised.


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If you want the very best, then go for the genuine Audi heavy duty rigid boot tray. Quality is far better than el-cheapo ones and this is reflected in the price you pay, ie you get what you pay for. This was the boot tray when I had by A4 Avant, I've now bought an equivalent one for my A6:

Audi part # is 8W0061170


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I got a rubber one of ebay and it's great. It's heavy duty and anti-slip. I would avoid the one like in the ebay link above. You don't need an added anti-slip carpet build in. The whole point of the liner is for it to be easy to clean and not to get soggy from water. If you get a rubber one rather than plastic it will be anti-slip already. The rubber one are also easy to roll up and store away if you don't need it.


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Here is a solid vote against any genuine Audi one ! They are made of the wrong sort of plastic , too hard, to slippery and just no good unless you enjoy all your belongings sliding around on every corner !
There must be a better non Audi version out there ! I resorted to putting a generic heavy duty boot liner inside the Audi genuine one, just to make it usable!!!