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Hoping to get a recommendation for an independent Audi repair centre around Inverness. Story goes as follows, had a sports differential error pop up on my RS5 which I scanned with VCDS and came back with communication error between temp and pressure sensors. Car was due service and MOT so booked it in with Highland Audi. The AWD error requires a £250 sensor which is on order. MOT wise I have a broken rear coil spring, this is where the problems begin as because I have KW springs they will only replace with genuine Audi. Even my supplying the new KW springs they refuse to fit them. As a result I have told them not to do the service only the AWD fault as I am not willing to pay them for a service just to get the car back with no mot and a broken spring. So looking for alternatives. Car is 6 years young I could maybe see their point if it was still under warranty.