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Recoding new key fob (keyless system)

Jimmy2007 Aug 20, 2018

  1. Jimmy2007

    Jimmy2007 Member

    Hi everyone, my good other half decided it was a good idea to wash my key in the washing machine and of course it stopped working.
    The red light keeps blinking very fast.
    I have dismantled it, used contact cleaner, dried out everything and changed battery, but the only result was that it opens and close the locks via the buttons.
    The red light still blinks fast continuously.
    The keyless system doesn't work anymore, so when I get close to the car and touch the handle, the car doesn't unlock.
    Also the keyless start doesn't work and the memory seat position.
    If I take the battery out I can start the car using the key in the ignition, but this doesn't work with the battery in the fob.
    A new fob key is out of question as I need both my kidneys and can't sell one
    My question is: if I buy an identical key from a scrap yard, can it be coded to work on my car?
    And if so, by whom?
    Dealer's only?
    I have another brand new key that works perfectly, so I know everything is fine with the car.
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  3. Jimmy2007

    Jimmy2007 Member

  4. Jimmy2007

    Jimmy2007 Member

    For anyone in the same situation, I re-opened the key, soaked the circuit board in contact cleaner a second time and left it open for a month.
    It now works perfectly again.

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