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Recent VCDS version changes

JohnM100 Aug 19, 2020

  1. JohnM100

    JohnM100 Registered User Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    I have been a VCDS user for ~15 years.

    Is it just me or have the options / adaptations in v20 become so complicated they are near impossible to find and understand on newer versions?

    About 18 months ago I did changes in less than a minute but trying to change the same thing now is just a ‘mare to find?
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  3. rum4mo

    rum4mo Registered User

    Yes, I noticed yesterday that moving the handbrake into the service position has gone, over the past few years/versions from "basic settings - group 007" to a pull down menu, that was okay once, I suppose, what is not okay over the pat few versions is, resetting service indicator seems to go through the motions and resetting all the relevant fields - then I still end up with "service due"! Now that is a bit annoying, in previous versions I had that with a late 2009 SEAT Ibiza so just grabbed my Carista dongle and iPhone and reset it, I was an early adopter of Carista so that function is "free". So, with my brain in neutral, I had been scanning my 2011 S4 prior to resetting the service indicator, then added my car to VCDS and so "used up a VIN" - I had meant to avoid doing that unless absolutely necessary as with luck, I've made all the changes I want to make prior to upgrading to VCDS HEX2 - so not only did I "use up a VIN" but I still needed to use Carista to reset the service indicator!!

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